The need for PageSpeed, a true SEO measure for Google?

This time we are going to highlight the importance of Google's PageSpeed for our SEO analysis. Various tools have been implemented for our Web pages, which require improvements in the results provided by search engines. Developers have emphasized on making portals better and faster, as well as more secure, and providing as many descriptions as they display and help index in search engines.

Google is the most relevant search engine among search engines, and portals compete to appear among the first results of searches, among millions of them. Therefore, it is advisable to use all the tools that Google itself provides us, since they are the first parameters to achieve a good ranking.

PageSpeed, is one of these tools, it shows us the score of a page and gives us the analysis and suggestions to improve it. Additionally, it provides us with the image files and the minified styles (css) and javascript (js) files, in order to make our portal lighter.

PageSpeed is a free tool, and very powerful, it has certain rules that we must comply with, although some are difficult to achieve, it is important to have knowledge of programming, and how to configure files that can be delicate and dangerous when it comes to being changed. One of these can be the .htaccess it can control the accesses, redirection, compression, the caches of the different types of files. The .htaccess must be changed to specify all possible speed and information conditions, so that search engines know when it is more feasible to crawl the pages, and which files are not necessary to index.

An Advanced Web Solution would be linked with a good PageSpeed index, therefore we recommend using this tool so that our clients' portals are as optimal as possible and can be quickly indexed and placed in the best positions in search engines . With this article we do not seek to explain how to use the tool, we only want to emphasize the need to use PageSpeed in our portal, and therefore, recommend its use.